Mar 27, 2010

First Friday April 2nd 2010

This is your last chance to see my studio all messy before it gets all cleaned up for the 2010 Stutz Building Open House! I have a few pieces that are very close to being finished. I am currently sending out invitations, postcards with new work, and coupons to for the open house. If you would like to receive these too join the mailing list at or send me an e-mail at Also, at 5PM the Stutz Art Space will be opening a "One-Peek Show" which features one piece of artwork from different artists in the Stutz building. This is a great way to get a preview for the open house.

First Friday Open Studios in the Stutz building are Noon to 5PM

For more information on the 17th Annual Stutz Artists Open House go to

Mar 10, 2010

IDADA Website

You can now find me on IDADA's Website.  Click Here to check it out!  You can also check out other artists in the Indianapolis area and get informed on events like First Fridays.

Mar 9, 2010

New Drawings!

It’s been a few years since I’ve actually sat down and done drawings in charcoal or graphite but I figured I would have a go at it again. These are a few that I have done this past week and the first pieces of artwork to be completed in my new studio. These will most lily turn into my next two larger paintings which will hopefully be completed by the open house next month.

Push (working title) 14x22 Inches Charcoal on Paper

Phalanx 14x12 Inches Charcoal on Paper

Mar 2, 2010

New Studio!

I officially moved into my new studio on Monday and am in the process of moving in and getting ready for the Stutz Building Open house in April. Come by and see my new work this Friday during the First Friday Open Studio Tour from 12-5pm. It is free and my studio is E340! Also, at 5pm there will be a show opening in the Stutz Art Space Downstairs. And after 6pm go see NERS's Show in the Big Car Gallery in the Murphy building.

P.S. Here is a better shot of the Amazon Warrior