Jul 14, 2011

Reading List

I just finished reading a book I heard much about while doing research for my senoir thesis.  This book details the lives of Greek and Roman women.  This is a great book for any woman wanting to know more about our history that is left out of normal history books. It came out in the 70's during the one of the biggest eras of feminism  and at only 230 pages there is no reason why you wouldn't have time to read it!

Jul 12, 2011

Idianapolis Arts Podcast

While working at home today I stumbled upon a great podcast about the arts in Indianapolis.  Shannon Linker of the Arts council, Christopher West a Gallery owner, and Amanda Mauer Taflinger from the  INDIEana Handicraft Exchange talk about various topics about art in central Indiana.


Jul 5, 2011

Contemporary Figurative Work

This past first Friday I Participated in a fantastic group exhibition at the 924 Gallery called Contemporary Figurative Work.  30+more artists are also in this exhibition which runs until July 29th so if you missed it on first Friday there is still time to stop in!

"July 2011: Contemporary Figurative Work

 Whether created for ritual, prestige, historical documentation or self-expression, artists have been rendering the human form for thousands of years and its significance to the art historical canon cannot be overstated. In July, Gallery 924 explores the human figure with a select group of central Indiana contemporary artists. Although portraits, nudes and other traditional renderings of the human form have come in and out of favor and evolved over time, the innate desire of artists to study and visually express the core of our physical existence is as strong as ever."

For more information please check out: