Dec 5, 2011


You've heard of grey scale right?  Well these are similar but instead of grey, they are pink.  I've made smaller watercolor pieces of my Amazonomachy series.  They are not prints; they are small watercolor studies.  Since each piece is handmade they vary some from the original oil painting.  Each piece also has pieces of pink ribbon incorporated into it.  I only made one pink study for each painting in my Amazonomachy series, so get yours before it's gone.
Amazon Warrior
Pink Amazon Warrior

Dec 2, 2011

First Friday December 2nd 2011

The Stutz building will be having open studios from noon until 5pm as usual. 19 artists will be open today! This is the perfect chance to come by and see your favorite artists that you saw at the Holiday show at work. Downstairs in the gallery the annual Small Treasures exhibition will be opening at 5pm. This exhibition focuses on smaller pieces of artwork proving that size does not matter. This is the perfect time to buy loved ones a piece of artwork for the holidays.

Have a happy last first Friday of 2011!