Aug 20, 2012

Prints Now Available

I've had so many ask me if I have prints made of my work.  I've finally started making some.  The first two prints I have printed are of two of my most popular pieces, Charybdis and Daphne II.  They are both numbered limited edition prints.  Only 25 of each were made.  They come already mated and ready to be placed into any 8x10 frame.  To purchase your own online please visit my Etsy shop. Which of my pieces would you like to have prints of?

Aug 4, 2012

Art Fairs

I have not had the  chance to post any new work recently that that is because I have been busy getting ready for my first few art fairs which is really exciting. Iv'e been busy picking out a canopy,  planning my booth layout, and most importantly how to fit it all into my car!

My first one will be at the Cumberland Arts Goes to Market on August 18th.  This is a wonderful art festival and farmers market on the far east side of Indianapolis. For more information click here.

My second festival will be the Fountain Square Art Squared on September 22nd. To keep up to date on all the places to view my latest work please visit my website

I've also been busy trying to get some reproductions of my work printed as well as doing some printmaking. Be on the look out for those soon.