Aug 2, 2017

Art Fair on the Square

Art on the Square - Saturday August 5th
 9AM to 5PM 

The Hamilton County Artists Association will be having their annual Art Fair on the Square this Saturday.  It will be at the historic courthouse from 9-5.  Many artists will have their booths setup on the courthouse lawn displaying and selling their work from paintings, sculpture, jewelry and more. Swing by and check out my latest paintings and new prints.

Rosalind Franklin Limited Edition
Reproductions Now Available
I've had many many requests for prints of one of my most recent pieces, Rosalind Franklin.  Rosalind is the amazing woman who discovered the double helix in DNA using a process called x-ray crystallography.  Unfortunately, two men stole her photographs and got a noble prize for her discovery.

I now have limited edition prints of Rosalind Franklin in my Etsy shop.  You can also get prints, or the original, on Saturday at Art on the Square.