Feb 23, 2010

*** Amazon Warrior***

***New Work!***
Amazon Warrior
Oil on Canvas

Better picture to come soon! This one has a little glare but I was just too excited that it is done!

First Friday March 5th 2010

This First Friday you can find me in the Stutz building 12-5, not because I am wondering through the open studios, but because I will be in MY OWN STUDIO E-340 on the third floor.  I will have just moved in a few days earlier so it will not be too messy and not have too much there but I will defiantly have the pieces that I am working on for Amazonomachy. But beside my normal rounds of the Harrison Center, the Murphy Building, LCi Gallery, and more; A show that I plan to spend some time at this First Friday is one of my friend and former class mate NERS. His show "Magical Wonderfulness" will feature work inspired by his recent tour through the country and his blog . More information on his show is on Facebook and hopefully eventually on the Big Car Gallery's Website

Feb 7, 2010

An Update and a Project

I, many other regular First Friday attendees, and many school children wish the snow would have come Monday morning or Sunday night. I was not able to attend this First Friday because of the weather. However, being snowed in has giving me some time to work and I will be posting some new pictures in a few days.

I also may have found a studio space downtown! Be on the lookout for Open studio invitations in the mail when I find out for sure.

As many artists know many supplies labeled "art" products seem to be more expensive. An art box used for painting and drawing students looks and functions very much like a toolbox or tackle box, but costs more even though many of the "Art" boxes are made from plastic and not metal. There are many more examples.

Like the other "art" products simple carts can be in the hundreds of dollars:


So build your own with household tools for half the price and in only about two hours! Below are instructions to build your own cart out of 2x4's, two precut boards, wheels, and tools found in your garage (or a friends’ garage).

Click Here for Instructions