Mar 30, 2011


Who doesn't love coupons?  I have some coupons available for the 2011 Stutz Open House and will be sending out my postcards and a little letter explaining what all there is to do at the open house soon so please e-mail me at to get yours before I run out!

Mar 24, 2011

Top Secret Mission


The other day I started on a secret commission for a friend of mine,  it is in acrylic instead of my usual oil or watercolor and I will post as many pictures as I can without giving it away.  This is my beautiful canvas before I started.  I got the drawing done and a few layers of gesso down.  Today I start the fun part, the painting!  Hopefully I will get a whole bunch done.  I'll post what I can.

 Can you see my studio neighbor Jannetmarie working hard over there across the window?

Mar 17, 2011

New Feature!

The other day I added a new feature to this blog which allows you to follow via e-mail.  Every time I make a new blog post, like this one, you will receive a copy in your mailbox.  Pretty handy if you do not have time to constantly check my blog for new updates!

It is very easy,  To the right side of this page there is a little box to put in your e-mail address.  It will send you an e-mail automatically which will ask you to follow a link to confirm and that's it! Pretty niffy.

I have been very busy at the studio trying to clean up and get a bunch of new work done for the Stutz Open House at the end of April so expect lots more posts!

Mar 8, 2011

Busy Busy!

Monday was framing and matting day at the studio.  Slowly getting ready for the big Stutz Open House at the end of April.

Mar 4, 2011

*** New Work! ***

Just in time for first Friday!

Daphne II
This one is watercolor and fabric on paper. Enjoy!

Mar 3, 2011

First Friday March 4th 2011

Amber and I will be in my studio in the Stutz building this first Friday for the monthly open studios from noon until 5PM.  We have many new artists that have moved in or moved around so come check them out! This is also a good time to check out artists studios while they are at their messiest!  We will soon be cleaning house for the Stutz 18th annual Open house April 29th and 30th. My studio is E340 on the third floor.  In the StutzArtSpace Downstairs a new exhibition "Social Currency" will be opening. For more information click here.

IDADA will be having a fundraising event at the Indy Indie Artist Colony.  Artists have dropped of work to be sold for $100 and half or all the proceeds will go to IDADA.  Also, when a work is sold a picture is taken with the patron, and they get to leave with the piece that night.  For more information visit IDADA's website.

Check out the IDADA First Friday Map for even more first Friday events!