Oct 29, 2010


I started working on this today while waiting for a few of my other pieces to dry.  It started out just being a test for a larger piece but I think it turned out well.

Oct 19, 2010

Website Refreshed

I have made some changes to my website.  Check it out at http://www.bonniefillenwarth.com/ . I have also been very busy in the studio the past few weeks so be on the lookout for new work to be posted soon!  Only six more months until the Stutz Open House...

Oct 13, 2010

Luv A Bully March 2010

Come bring your dog and people friendly canines to the 2010 Luv A Bully march on October 23rd (National Pit Bull awareness Day) to Monument Circle. Come help protest Breed Specific Legislation in Indiana.  There will also be a doggy Halloween costume contest. Don't have a doggy?  You can still come and enjoy!  For more information and to register please visit http://www.indypitcrew.org/ 

Also, I am very proud to announce that my studio mate (my doggy Amber) was chosen to be on one of the new Indy Pit Crew magnets!  Become a volunteer, give support by donations or buying merchandise, or just educate yourself or someone you know on the myth about American Pit Bull Terriers. For more information on the Indy Pit Crew visit http://www.indypitcrew.org/  To make a donation or purchase merchandise visit http://www.indypitcrew.org/merchandise.htm

Oct 4, 2010

Push Finished

As promised I finished this piece right before the Autumn walk and first Friday.  If you had told me before that I would have worked on this piece for 6+ months I wouldn't have believed you.  This one is four feet tall by eight feet long.  It is a unique piece because it is on a piece of hardboad.  It is also the largest piece I have ever done.