Jun 16, 2015

New Artwork! Thera Study II

Thera Study II
This is an original charcoal drawing of the Greek island of Thera, now called Santorini, which held an ancient Minoian civilization that was destroyed by a volcano in the center of the island. This civilization is thought to be one of the bases of the ancient city of Atlantis.

Thera Study II Framed

Jun 12, 2015

A New Way to Purchase my Artwork

Don't wait for summer art festivals, buy my artwork online.

I have just added another way for you to purchase my artwork online with the Square marketplace.  I have limited edition reproductions of my work listed for now and will be adding original artwork soon.

My Etsy shop currently has over 80 pieces of original artwork and limited edition reproductions in it.  Have you stopped by recently?  You might see something you love.