Aug 29, 2011

*** New Work***

I've been very busy in the studio doing some expermenting with some smaller pieces. These water media on paper pieces are about 6x9 inches.

Aug 17, 2011

*** New Work ***

I finished up this little piece that I am planning on incorporating into a larger piece.  This piece is very unique because i have sewn fabric onto the canvas. This piece features Artmesia who was not only the leader of her country after her husband's death, but also a naval commander in the battle of Salamis in 480 BC.  She avoided getting her ship destroyed by ramming another ship in the Persian fleet confusing the Greeks into thinking her ship was one of her own.  This led Xerxes to exclaim that his men had become women and his women had become men.

Aug 9, 2011

Gamblin Artist Videos

A few months ago when I was looking to varnish some of my paintings I found a series of very helpful and informative videos from Gamblin.  They have several videos up on ground application, oiling out, varnishing, reusing gamsol, and more.  For example this video below covers ground application.It explains a few different ground and how best to apply them, how long it takes for them to dry.  It covers both pannel and canvas as well.  I found all this information very helpful when considering changing from acrylic gesso.

To view all of the videos click here.

Aug 4, 2011

First Friday August 5th 2011

As always I will be in the studio participating in the Stutz Building's open studios from 12-5.  Open studios at the stutz happens each and every first Friday of the month.  This is the perfect chance to visit your favorate downtown artists working in thier studio. And even better, it is all free!

Downstairs in the  Stutz Art Space gallery Travis Little will be having a solo exhibtion with his work involving the human figure.

The Harrison Center has teamed up with the Herron School of Art Libary and will be having Bound a exhibtion featuring book art.  Also, Did you know that the Harrison Center has opened a new Gallery?  The City Gallery is connected to Gallery number 2.