Mar 30, 2016

Podcasts I love

Often when I am working on artwork in my studio or driving I am listening to some of my favorite podcasts and I thought I would share them with you.  You can find all of these on iTunes or stream from there websites.

The History Chicks - "Where any resemblance to a boring old history lesson is completely coincidental". I love these gals. Two chicks talking about chicks from history, sounds right up my alley. Some of my favorite episodes include:

Stuff You Missed in History Class - Way too many good episodes to count up here. Currently hosted by two awesome chicks, though not just chick history.  They did just have a great one the other day about the women in the WASP program though.  Both Missed in History and History Chicks include show notes which is great if you want to learn more.

Artists Helping Artists -   This is a great art business podcast.  They cover all kinds of topics from interviews with artists, how to use social media, studio tips and tricks, and so much more.  

Art Fair Radio - This is another great art podcast about the business of art fairs which is part of a great website as well.  The only down side is they do not make podcasts all that oftern ( about once a month or two).  One of my favorite episodes is Art Fair Alternatives: Two painters.  They talk to tow artists, one who uses a crowdfunding campaign to travel and paint and another artist who painted cupcakes for a year.

Got a good podcast you listen to?  Share below.

Mar 24, 2016

Facebook Live Video

I tried out this Facebook Live thing the other day and did a tour of my studio in all of its pre-open house mess.  You can see it on my Facebook page or below.  I am hoping to do more of these so if you have any ideas let me know.

Mar 12, 2016

Guerrilla Girls Lecture

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a wonderful lecture the other night at the University of Indianapolis.  These women are amazing. I found out about them when I was in high school and I am so excited that they are still going strong. (Though I would be even more excited if they didn't have to!) They currently have taken over the twin cities They were also recently on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

 Find out more at

Mar 11, 2016

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Study
Pencil on paper
6x4 Inches
Available on Etsy

Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer.  Ever.  Not just the first woman computer programmer.  These pieces are made up of her formula.  I am currently working on the lager oil painting of her and hope to have it finished by the 2016 Raymond James Stutz Artist Open House at the end of April.

Ada Lovelace Study
Ink on paper
10x8 Inches
Available on Etsy

Mar 10, 2016


Cynane Study
Watercolor and Ink on paper
Available on Etsy

Cynane was the older sister of Alexander the great who would ride into battle with her father the king and battle alongside him. In this piece she is in the guise of her younger brother found on a mosaic unearthed in Pompeii.  I have been working on the bigger better oil painting of this one for a while now and I am hoping to have it done by the big open house.

Mar 9, 2016

Sophie Blanchard

Sophie Blanchard Study
Colored pencil on paper
7x5 Inches
Available on Etsy
Sophie Blanchard was one of the first female balloonists.  She and her husband would often do entertaining stunts while up in the air such as lighting fireworks and parachuting down dogs.

Mar 8, 2016

Gertrude Ederle

Gertrude Ederle Study
12x20 Inches
Oil on Canvas
Available on Etsy

Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the English Channel in 1926.  She completed her famous swim when she was only twenty years old.  Not only did she make it across, she beat the previous record.  Her new record was not beat for over thirty years.  But her accomplishments were not limited to just her swim across the English Channel.  She won many swimming awards including several Olympic medals.  She also invented swimming goggles and the two piece swim suit.

Gertrude Ederle Study
Watercolor and ink on paper
Available on Etsy

Mar 7, 2016

Sybil Ludington

Sybil Ludington Study
Watercolor and ink on paper
Sybil Ludington was barley sixteen when she took her forty mile ride through the night to gather up militia during the American Revolutionary War.  Nearly all Americans have heard of a similar ride by Paul Revere. However, Paul and the two other men that rode with him, were captured by the British before they could complete their mission.  Sybil completed her mission by herself, traveled twice the distance, at the age of sixteen, in the rain, with a large stick.

Mar 6, 2016

Empress Theodora of Constantinople

Empress Theodora
6x4 Inches
Available on Etsy

Theodora started off as an actress, a dancer, and well basically a high end prostitute. Eventually she bumped into Justinian I, who ended up changing the laws so he could marry this beautiful woman.  He made her co-regent which meant that they shared the throne. One day a riot broke out and Justinian was ready to leave town in hopes of exile instead of death.  At the docks Theodora put her royal foot down. She told Justinian and his crew that "purple makes a fine funeral shroud" and that she wasn't going anywhere.  Her speech convinced her hubby and crew to stay.   

Empress Theodora Study
Oil on canvas
14x11 Inches
Available on Etsy

Mar 5, 2016

New Work! - Margret Sanger Study

Margret Sanger Study
Watercolor and ink on paper
6x4 Inches
Available on Etsy
Margret Sanger was an advocate for birth control.  Her own mother went through 18 pregnancies in 22 years resulting in 11 living children.  Because of the Comstock Act and other such regulations it was illegal to distribute obscene materials, particularly though the postal service.  This is the same laws that lead to Victoria Woodhull's arrest.  Sanger moved to England for a short time to avoid being charged.  Sanger started many organizations which would later turn into Planned Parenthood.

Click here for a great podcast on the creation of the birth control pill.

Mar 4, 2016


Hydna Study
14x11 Inches
Oil on Canvas
Available on Etsy
Hydna was an accomplished swimmer since her youth.  When the Persians sent their ships to conquer the Greeks in 480 BC,  Hydna and her father cut the mooring lines.  A storm came in that night and this caused devastation to the Persian fleet.  

Mar 3, 2016

New Work - Katherine McCormick Study

Katherine McCormick Study
Watercolor and ink on paper
6x4 Inches
Buy now on Etsy
Katherine McCormick provided the funding for the oral contraceptive pill for women.  In the 1920's she smuggles diaphragms into the United States from Europe. After her husband's death, she put money into funding research for oral contraceptives. 

Mar 2, 2016


18 x 14 Inches
Oil and Fabric on Canvas
For Sale on Etsy

Artmesia was a ruler of her providence of the Persian Empire.  Along with advising Xerxes, she also commanded her own ship in the Battler of Salamis.  This is the sea battle that went along with the battle of Thermopylae (the 300).  At one point in the battle Artmesia rammed another Persian ship in order to fool the Greek ships.  Xerxes, watching from shore exclaimed that all of his women have become men and his men have become women.  This was a Greek account of the story.  She must have been very impressive if the opposite side was singing her praises.

Mar 1, 2016

Latest Piece - Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull
36x24 Inches
Oil on Canvas

I finished this piece just in time for Open Studios on Friday at the Stutz.  Victoria Woodhull is known for being the first woman to run for president of the United States.  Her and her sister were also the first female stockbrokers and Victoria owned a newspaper.  She was in favor of free love which is not as hippie-dippy as it sounds.  Fredrick Douglass was nominated as her running mate, though he never accepted.  She spent election day in jail for publishing something in her paper that was considered obscene at the time. Also, I even got around to framing the larger watercolor study I did for this one, which turned out great.  Both of these pieces are available.

Victoria Woodhull Study
14x10 Inches
Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Celebrating Women's History Month

I have decided to post all month long in celebration of Women's History Month.  All the posts will include a piece of my work, some will be new and  some will be favorites from the past. All of these posts will include information about these amazing women and their accomplishments.