Dec 5, 2011


You've heard of grey scale right?  Well these are similar but instead of grey, they are pink.  I've made smaller watercolor pieces of my Amazonomachy series.  They are not prints; they are small watercolor studies.  Since each piece is handmade they vary some from the original oil painting.  Each piece also has pieces of pink ribbon incorporated into it.  I only made one pink study for each painting in my Amazonomachy series, so get yours before it's gone.
Amazon Warrior
Pink Amazon Warrior

Dec 2, 2011

First Friday December 2nd 2011

The Stutz building will be having open studios from noon until 5pm as usual. 19 artists will be open today! This is the perfect chance to come by and see your favorite artists that you saw at the Holiday show at work. Downstairs in the gallery the annual Small Treasures exhibition will be opening at 5pm. This exhibition focuses on smaller pieces of artwork proving that size does not matter. This is the perfect time to buy loved ones a piece of artwork for the holidays.

Have a happy last first Friday of 2011!

Nov 9, 2011

2011 Stutz Artists Holiday Show

Its that time of year again.  The holidays are almost here which means it is time for the annual Stutz Artists Holiday Show.  This year it will be held on Friday November 18th from 5-10pm.  This is a one night only event and it's free. Artists who have their studios in the historic Stutz Business Center will be displaying their work in one room together. Come and see a variety of artwork for sale including painting, jewelry, photography, and more. Artists will be creating special $100 paintings, half the proceeds from which will be going to VSA Indiana.  Artwork always make a wonderful holiday gift for friends, family, or yourself.  For more information please visit

Nov 2, 2011

First Friday November 4th 2011

First Friday is almost here again!  The Stutz building will be having open studios from noon to five.  At five the StutzArtSpace there will be a preview of the UNCLOTHED: Exposing the Art Nude in the gallery from 5-9pm. This exhibition is part of the Spirit and Place Festival in Indianapolis and will be having the big opening and a pannel discussion on November 11th from 6:30-9pm.  This year's Spirit and Place Festival theme is the body.

Mark you calendars!  The Annual Stutz Holiday Show is coming up fast!  If you do not have a calendar to mark, there are still a few Women of a Certain Age calendars available. Find out more here.

Oct 17, 2011

Cafe Zuppa

 I spent Saturday installing some artwork at Cafe Zuppa dowtown.  I have a few of my larger pieces and a bunch of smaller pieces on display.  I even got very busy in the studio and created four more just in time for the exhibition.   My work will be on display under mid December.

 Cafe Zuppa is at 320 N Meridian street, a little south of the American Legion mall downtown.  You can't miss it they have green awnings and bright orange walls!  They serve breakfast and lunch through the week and Sunday brunch.  You can check out the menu at .

Oct 6, 2011

First Friday October 7th 2011

There's a whole lot going on at the Stutz building this first Friday! As always there will be many artists will be opening their studios from noon until five.  The Gallery will be opening at at five for a wonderful show,  Women of a Certain Age: The Skin We're In. Many women in the Stutz participated in this show, a few more even put together a special calendar to help raise money for the Pink Ribbon Connection.   The artists on the second floor D hallway will also be having a mini open until nine. 

Sep 27, 2011

Women of a Certain Age : The Skin We're In

I wanted to take a minute to help spread the word about something wonderful happening in the Stutz building.  I will talk more about the exhibition on my first Friday post but these women have put together a stunning calendar to benefit the Pink Ribbon Connection which helps women with breast cancer.  Only 500 of these have been made and there have been many pre-ordered, even in batches of 10 at a time! There was also an article posted about this calendar in the Indianapolis Star.

"The artist Revealed is a body of work, in calendar form, that came into being as a result of 12 women artists talking together about how we feel about ourselves as we age, how we feel about our bodies as they are affected by age, child-bearing and/or illness.  We talked about how, and if those feelings impact our work.  Each of us was photographed in the nude or semi-nude and digitally incorporated of our rated into a piece of our own work , creating a new work in which the artist and the work become one.  The images are as beautiful and varied as ourselves.  We came together, "in our skin", yet clothes in our art, and in the process learned that however we feel about "the skin we're in" our bodies are just that... vessels that hold all that we are, but not who we are.

Go to follow the links to purchase this limited edition calendar today!  Purchase now for $20 and come to our Calendar Signing Reception, October 6th 6-8pm
 with our companion exhibition: In the Skin We're In
 40% of net proceeds benefits the Pink Ribbon Connection."

Sep 26, 2011

All Together

Heres a picture of most of the little red and black figure pieces I've been doing.  With the help of  Janett-marie and a mat cutter these ae looking great!  Janett-marie taught me some archival framing techniques so these will last a long long time once they find homes and get put under glass in frames of thier very own.  You can see all of these during our first Friday open studio tours at the Sutz building in downtown Indianpolis.  I also plan to have them on display at our annual holiday show in November, if there arre any left.

*** New Work ***

I almost forgot to post these!  I did these two pieces last week.  I thought I would mix it up a bit from the red figure and black figure I have been doing.  They are 6x9 watercolor on paper.

Sep 1, 2011

First Friday Sepember 2nd 2011

First Friday is almost here again! a BUNCH of artists in the Stutz Building will be opening thier studios to the public from 12-5.  At 5PM in the StutzArtSpace Gallery the outgoing residents Malloery Marty and Brian Myers will be having thier opeing reception.

The 2011 Indianapolis Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA) Members Exhibtion will be open at Wug's Studio and Garage.

*** New Work ***

I've been super busy in the studio this week.  Would you believe that I have finished 10 pieces in the last week? I am still working on a title for the piece above, any ideas?  To get a better look at these stop by my studio on Friday 12-5 during the Stutz building open studios.

Red Figure Dialpack #3

Red Figure Dialpack #4

Black Figure Dialpack #3

Black Figure Dialpack #4

Black Figure Dialpack #5

Aug 29, 2011

*** New Work***

I've been very busy in the studio doing some expermenting with some smaller pieces. These water media on paper pieces are about 6x9 inches.

Aug 17, 2011

*** New Work ***

I finished up this little piece that I am planning on incorporating into a larger piece.  This piece is very unique because i have sewn fabric onto the canvas. This piece features Artmesia who was not only the leader of her country after her husband's death, but also a naval commander in the battle of Salamis in 480 BC.  She avoided getting her ship destroyed by ramming another ship in the Persian fleet confusing the Greeks into thinking her ship was one of her own.  This led Xerxes to exclaim that his men had become women and his women had become men.

Aug 9, 2011

Gamblin Artist Videos

A few months ago when I was looking to varnish some of my paintings I found a series of very helpful and informative videos from Gamblin.  They have several videos up on ground application, oiling out, varnishing, reusing gamsol, and more.  For example this video below covers ground application.It explains a few different ground and how best to apply them, how long it takes for them to dry.  It covers both pannel and canvas as well.  I found all this information very helpful when considering changing from acrylic gesso.

To view all of the videos click here.

Aug 4, 2011

First Friday August 5th 2011

As always I will be in the studio participating in the Stutz Building's open studios from 12-5.  Open studios at the stutz happens each and every first Friday of the month.  This is the perfect chance to visit your favorate downtown artists working in thier studio. And even better, it is all free!

Downstairs in the  Stutz Art Space gallery Travis Little will be having a solo exhibtion with his work involving the human figure.

The Harrison Center has teamed up with the Herron School of Art Libary and will be having Bound a exhibtion featuring book art.  Also, Did you know that the Harrison Center has opened a new Gallery?  The City Gallery is connected to Gallery number 2.

Jul 14, 2011

Reading List

I just finished reading a book I heard much about while doing research for my senoir thesis.  This book details the lives of Greek and Roman women.  This is a great book for any woman wanting to know more about our history that is left out of normal history books. It came out in the 70's during the one of the biggest eras of feminism  and at only 230 pages there is no reason why you wouldn't have time to read it!

Jul 12, 2011

Idianapolis Arts Podcast

While working at home today I stumbled upon a great podcast about the arts in Indianapolis.  Shannon Linker of the Arts council, Christopher West a Gallery owner, and Amanda Mauer Taflinger from the  INDIEana Handicraft Exchange talk about various topics about art in central Indiana.

Jul 5, 2011

Contemporary Figurative Work

This past first Friday I Participated in a fantastic group exhibition at the 924 Gallery called Contemporary Figurative Work.  30+more artists are also in this exhibition which runs until July 29th so if you missed it on first Friday there is still time to stop in!

"July 2011: Contemporary Figurative Work

 Whether created for ritual, prestige, historical documentation or self-expression, artists have been rendering the human form for thousands of years and its significance to the art historical canon cannot be overstated. In July, Gallery 924 explores the human figure with a select group of central Indiana contemporary artists. Although portraits, nudes and other traditional renderings of the human form have come in and out of favor and evolved over time, the innate desire of artists to study and visually express the core of our physical existence is as strong as ever."

For more information please check out:

Jun 8, 2011

*** New Work! ***

Battle of Salmis

I created this charcoal drawing on first Friday last week.  I also started on a small (18 x 24) painting of this one as well. I did a under painting of  cobalt teal which I am really excited about.  I am hoping for a similar effect to some paintings I have seen with bright red underneath.  I have even been thinking of incorporating it into a lager 40x60 painting!

Jun 6, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and you can even have new blog posts sent directly to your e-mail? I recently added some buttons which allow you to share this blog on Facbook and Twitter.  They can be found on the right hand side of this page along with the button that allows you to follow via e-mail! Happy social networking!

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Jun 3, 2011

First Friday June 3rd 2011

Amber and I will be at the studio today taking part of the Stutz Building Open Studios from Noon to Five.  A few dozen artists in the Stutz open their doors every month.  This is a great opportunity to see the artists at work. And just maybe that piece that you wish you had bought at the Open House will still be there!  There will be the StutzArtSpace Gallery opening at 5pm on the first floor.  Hope to see you there!

Open House Photos

Here are some pictures from the 2011 Stutz Open House in April.

May 2, 2011

First Friday May 6th 2011

Amber and I will be in the studio this first Friday.  A week after the big open house many artists took Sunday off to rest but were back in the studio working hard on Monday!  We have to start getting ready for next year!  I will post some pictures from the event later this week.

Friday night in the StutzArtSpace Gallery a new exhibition will be opening "Gray Matters: Between Black and White" at 5PM.

Artbox will have "Notes", works on paper from artbox artists.

IMOCA will be having an exhibition featuring Malcolm Mobutu Smith which combines graffiti artwork with ceramic vessels and sculptures.

Urban Elements on Pennsylvania Street will be having an exhibition of three Herron School of Art printmaking students this first Friday.

And as always the Harrison Center, Murphy Building, and Wheeler Arts Community will be open.

Apr 29, 2011

Stutz Open House Videos

Just in case you haven't made up your mind to come to the 2011 Stutz Open House this evening or tomorrow, here are some of the news coverage that has aired on the local news stations this past week. There has been quite the buzz around town about the 2011 Stutz Open house. This segment aired on Wishtv:

And here is the link to the WTHR focus on the community with Angela Cain on the Stutz Open house:

Apr 13, 2011

2011 18th Annual Stutz Open House!!!

I would like to formally invite you to the 18th Annual 2011 Stutz Open House. Below are some questions and answers about this event. For more information please visit

What is the Stutz Open house?

The Stutz Open House is an annual event held every April. This event is a fundraiser for the Stutz Artist Association Residency Program in order to give free studios to a few emerging artists for a year. It started out a few years ago with just a few artists inviting their friends and patrons over for a small party and has now grown into a two day event with around seven thousand people attending every year. This year there will be over eighty artists participating as well as many businesses.

What are the dates and times for the open house?

This year the open house will be Friday April the 29th and Saturday the 30th. The doors open at 5:30PM on Friday and close at 10:30PM. On Saturday doors open at 2PM and close at 7PM.

Where and what is the Stutz Building?

The historic Stutz Building is located in downtown Indianapolis at 1060 N. Capital Ave. The building is so huge it takes up a whole city block! It is between 10th and 11th Streets and Capital Avenue and Senate Avenue. It is the huge yellow and green building you can’t miss it.

The Stutz building is a historic car factory in downtown Indianapolis. The Stutz Motor company produced many different types of cars including racing cars at could be seen during the Indianapolis 500. Today many businesses and artists call the building home. However, there is quite the car collection that fills up a special car room on the second floor as well as scattered throughout the building.

What all is there to see and do at the Open house?

There are over 80 artists who will have their studios all neat and tidy with artwork on display for purchase. There will also be musical entertainment throughout the building including Jazz musician Cynthia Lane. There will also be some activities for the kids including face painting.

In the StutzArtSpace Gallery on the first floor of the building there will be the “One Peek Show” which is an art exhibition that features on piece of artwork from every artist participating in the open house. The “One Peek Show” Opens on April 1st from 5 to 9PM and runs through the end of the month and will be open during the open house. This is a great way to preview which artists you would like to visit first.

What kind of artwork will there be?

The Stutz building houses the most artists in one location in all of Indiana. This means there will be lots of art and lots of different kinds of art. There are painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelry makers, textile and fabric artists, artists who work with steel and other heavy duty metal, furniture makers, and many more. Prices of artwork can range from $10 to $10,000.

What about food and drinks?

There will be many food and drink vendors throughout the building including Bearcats, Roll With it Bakery, A la Carte, Judges BBQ and more. Plus, many artists and businesses will have some small snacks and wine available in their studios.

Where is your studio?

My studio is E-340 on the third floor right in the middle of the E building. Upon entry to the open house you will receive a map of the entire building with the location of all the artists’ studios and businesses. It is a very big building and lots to see and there will be many volunteers placed throughout the building to help you find what you are looking for.

What will you have new this year?

I will have most of the pieces from my recent exhibition at the Indianapolis Artsgarden on display. I have also been busy creating some smaller works on paper with fabric. To get a preview of my work please visit my website You can also see my works in progress and my preparation for this huge event on my blog . And if that is not enough, you can friend me on Facebook and follow me on twitter @BonnieStzE340.
How much does it Cost?

Tickets cost $12 the day of the event. They are $10 in advance form Old National Banking Centers or the Stutz Business Center Office (317)488-7373. On Saturday kids 12 and under will receive free admission with a paying adult. Also, Saturday re-entry is $8 with the previous day’s ticket stub.

Will there be parking?

There will be plenty of parking available. There is street parking all the way around the building and specially marked lots for this huge event, and best of all it’s FREE!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Apr 9, 2011

On the Radio!

Fellow Stutz artists Carol Myers and her son Brian Myers had an interview on the radio the other night.  They covered the 2011 Open house, becoming artists, the Stutz residency program and much more! 
Here is a link to the interview in case you missed it.

Great job guys!

Mar 30, 2011


Who doesn't love coupons?  I have some coupons available for the 2011 Stutz Open House and will be sending out my postcards and a little letter explaining what all there is to do at the open house soon so please e-mail me at to get yours before I run out!

Mar 24, 2011

Top Secret Mission


The other day I started on a secret commission for a friend of mine,  it is in acrylic instead of my usual oil or watercolor and I will post as many pictures as I can without giving it away.  This is my beautiful canvas before I started.  I got the drawing done and a few layers of gesso down.  Today I start the fun part, the painting!  Hopefully I will get a whole bunch done.  I'll post what I can.

 Can you see my studio neighbor Jannetmarie working hard over there across the window?

Mar 17, 2011

New Feature!

The other day I added a new feature to this blog which allows you to follow via e-mail.  Every time I make a new blog post, like this one, you will receive a copy in your mailbox.  Pretty handy if you do not have time to constantly check my blog for new updates!

It is very easy,  To the right side of this page there is a little box to put in your e-mail address.  It will send you an e-mail automatically which will ask you to follow a link to confirm and that's it! Pretty niffy.

I have been very busy at the studio trying to clean up and get a bunch of new work done for the Stutz Open House at the end of April so expect lots more posts!

Mar 8, 2011

Busy Busy!

Monday was framing and matting day at the studio.  Slowly getting ready for the big Stutz Open House at the end of April.

Mar 4, 2011

*** New Work! ***

Just in time for first Friday!

Daphne II
This one is watercolor and fabric on paper. Enjoy!