Apr 27, 2010

Torrit Grey

Ive been using Gamblin Artist Oil Colors for a few years now and I have gotten my share of free tubes.  Back in School i loved Torrit Grey because it was the same color at the floors at Herron.  While doing some research on there priming products I came across this on their website which I never knew:

"Torrit Grey Competition

If you took all the pigments in the color spectrum and mixed them together, what color would you make?

Every spring, Gamblin Artists Colors collects a wealth of pigments from our Torit® Air Filtration system. We filter the air around the areas where we handle dry pigments so that our workers are not exposed to pigment dust. Rather than sending any of our high quality, expensive pigments into the landfill, Gamblin paint makers recycle them into "Gamblin Torrit Grey".

"Pigment dust should not go into the earth, water or landfill, but into paint," says Robert Gamblin.

The mix of pigments is different every year, so Torrit Grey is always unique and will never be repeated. Torrit Grey tends to have a greenish tinge because of the great strength of the Phthalo Green pigment, which is a dark bluish green. Torrit Grey varies from a medium dove grey to a dark earthy grey.

We are now dating the tubes, so artists can collect them from year to year and enjoy the unique qualities of each edition. Whatever you create with these popular limited edition colors is solely up to you and your imagination.

Our Torrit Grey store promotion, which runs each year through the end of April in celebration of Earth Day, not only recycles pigment dust into paint but focuses artists on the importance of recycling, studio and environmental safety. Complimentary 37ml tubes of Torrit Grey are only available while supplies last through your local fine art materials retailer. Last year, we distributed more than 11,000 tubes of Torrit Grey! Limitations are often your greatest creative assets and it is remarkable what talented artists can achieve with a color palette limited to white, or black and Torrit Grey.

The Torrit Grey Painting Competition, conducted annually in the Fall, attracts more entries every year. In 2008, we received over 160 submissions from painters willing to take the challenge of making a value based painting using only Torrit Grey and any black or white oil paint. The competition is judged by Robert Gamblin and the winners receive a supply of Gamblin Artists' materials."

Apr 26, 2010


A big thank you to all of those who came and toured the studios at the Stutz Artist Open House this last weekend.  It was so good to hear people say that they cant wait for this event and come every year.  For those of you who could not make it here are a few pictures:

So now that you know what the artist's studios look like when they are all cleaned up, come see them work every first Friday 12-5PM.  You can also view work from many of the artists in the Stutz on the Stutz Artist Association Website.  You can also find contact information for all the artists.

Apr 20, 2010

More New Work Just in Time for the Open House!

I just finished this piece today and it will be on display (and hopefully dry) during the Stutz Artists Open House this Friday and Saturday!

Apr 17, 2010

Tara Donovan

If you have not made it to the IMA to go see the new show Untitled by Tara Donovan you must.  The first room is filled with drawings and prints made on handmade paper and foam core and around the corner are series of rooms that have been overtaken by objects that have been turned into growths on the floor and huge bulky landscapes.  The show lasts until August but do not put it off, you will surely want to see it again!

For more information visit the IMA's website
the pictures above are from the IMA Website

Apr 9, 2010

Stutz Artist Open House 2010

Come visit my studio and the studios of seventy other artists during the 17th annual Stutz Artist Open House taking place April 23rd and 24th. The hours for this event are Friday 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM and Saturday 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The Historic Stutz Business Center is located at 1060 North Capital Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204. My studio is E-340 located on the third floor.

Before entering you will receive a packet of information which includes a map that gives the location of all the artists and businesses that are participating in the open house. There will be food and drinks available from vendors set up throughout the building. There will also be several musical performers throughout the building. The Stutz Art Space will also be featuring a “One-Peek Show” show in the gallery on the first floor. This show features one piece of artwork from the many of the artists in the Stutz Building.This show will also be open during the open house so visitors can get a preview of the studios they would like to visit first.

You can buy tickets in advance from participating Old National Banking Centers or The Stutz Business Center office for $10. You will also be able to purchase tickets the day of the event for $12. The majority of the proceeds raised from the open house fund the Stutz Residency Program. Parking is free in marked lots for the event. You can go to http://www.stutzartists.com/ for more information or by call (317) 503-6420.

*** New Work ***

40 x 33 Inches
Oil on Canvas

Apr 5, 2010

Stutz Artist Website

You can now find me on the Stutz Artists Association website. If you cannot make it to the Stutz Art Space to view the "One-Peek Show" this is another way to view samples of different artist's work before the open house in about two weeks. On the website is also more information about the open house, the Stutz Art space, Art classes and workshops being offered, and much more. Also, there still may be some volunteer opportunities left. Volunteers usually work a couple hours and receive a free t-shirt and free admission to the open house. This seems like the perfect job for high school or college students who have an interest in the arts.