Nov 15, 2010

Stuck Between a Scylla and a Charybdis

20x20 inches Oil and Sand on Canvas

This one is from the Odyssey.  Odysseus had to choose between sailing closer to a giant whirlpool monster named Charybdis or a monster lady named Scylla who would grab sailors and eat them.

Eumachia: A Roman Woman's Legacy

Eumachia was a woman who lived in Pompeii 80-100 years before the famous eruption.  With her own money she funded the building of one of the largest buildings in Pompeii.  It was located right off of the town's forum and is now know as the Eumachia Building.  She also paid for her family's tomb which is the largest in Pompeii.  After her death the fuller's guild dedicated a statue to her which closely resembled the empress of Rome at that time.

Nov 12, 2010

Medusa's Gaze and Charybdis

For the Holiday show we are creating small 5x7 or 6x8 pieces to be sold for Riley Children's Hospital.  It was a challenge to go from four feet by six to eight feet to just a few inches! I decided that I wanted to work with my sand again since I love it and I haven't done that in a while.

Medusa's Gaze 5x7 Oil and Sand on Canvas Board

Charybdis 5x7 Oil and Sand on Canvas Board

I have been getting two paintings done a day around the studio now.  I am also working on about seven at a time now which means no room on my pallet.

Nov 11, 2010

2010 Stutz Artists Holiday Show

Start off this holiday season with the Stutz Artists Association Holiday show.  With more than 40 artists, there is a bunch to see!  There will be lots of food and music on November 19th from 5-9PM.  Admission is free,  and there will be special small paintings created just for this show.  The proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be going to charity. The Stutzartspace will also be open for this event with their show “Uncovered: Food for Thought” which is part of the Indianapolis Sprit and Place Festival.   Artwork makes a wonderful gift for the holidays!

Nov 5, 2010


This large 4 foot by 6 foot painting also took a while to finally finish.  I especially love the red background which glows in the sunshine.  It will look amazing hanging in the Artsgarden sunshine in a few months.  Be sure to check back often I am close to finishing up some SMALLER paintings.

Nov 1, 2010

First Friday November 5th 2010

There are all kinds of new happenings this first Friday!  

Big News:
I was selected to be a part of the IDADA Members Exhibition which opens this Friday  5PM to 9PM at the 924 Gallery at 924 N Pennsylvania Street.  i am not going to tell you which piece was selected but it is one of my new series that will be on display at the ArtsGarden in January so be sure to stop by.

As always The Stutz building is having their monthly open studios from Noon to 5PM.  This is always free and tours are available.  The Stutz ArtSpace will not be open though.  This is because they are busy setting up a show for the Spirit and Place Festival "Uncovered Food for Thought" which will be opening next Friday November 12th.   However, there will be a flooding of artists on the first floor with easels set up so be sure to come check that out. Also, on November 19th The Stutz Artists will be having their annual Holiday Show.  There will be many artists on display and special small pieces which will sell for $100 and go to charity.