Jan 26, 2010

Seak Peak - New Year, New Work

I am now out of school, the holidays are over, and all studio buildings are full. I have started my next project which will hopefully end in a show in October called Amazonomachy. The theme of this show is related to a previous work I had made for a show for Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis. The piece entailed linking the ancient stories of the Greek Amazon women who were rumored to remove a breast in order to better shoot their arrows to modern day breast cancer.

Since the studio buildings are full I have started out with sketches, drawings, and a few small watercolors. I am now onto some oil paintings which should be posted on the website by the beginning of February! Now that some of the work has been started I am currently looking for venue. While the traditional gallery is fine I am also looking into hospitals and centers for women. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the meantime here are a few clippings from my sketchbook:

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