Sep 3, 2010

First Friday September 3rd 2010

I will be in my studio this first Friday 12-5 in the Stutz Building (10th and Capital) along with many other artists. At 5PM in the gallery downstairs a group show “Exploration: 2009-10 Stutz Residents Lydia Burris and Patrick Flaherty” is opening. There is also a restaurant downstairs called Bearcats, named after the stutz racing car, so no need to worry about where to eat lunch or dinner while touring the studios and galleries tonight!

The Harrison Center for the Arts is having open studios and:

"In Gallery No. 2 - Sparkles, Sprinklers and Bad Seeds - new work by Erin K. Drew and NERS. This show 'uncovers the secrets and treasures lurking in a dreamlike version of the suburban landscape in which we were reared . . . inspired by suburban wildlife, trash can plundering, air-conditioned wishes, goth garage sales, dogs in yards, huge lonely hardwood trees, throwing rocks at wasps nests, gravel driveways with acorns and seedlings, playgrounds, basements, and long adolescent nights where you can sit in the middle of the street and not see a single soul in any direction around you.'"

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