Feb 16, 2012

 I've been very busy in the studio the last couple weeks.  I have been getting some inspiration from my old Art history and Archaeology Books.  I had 4 of these classes one year which meant I spent a big portion of the year learning about Pompeii.  The city plan has always stuck with me.  Pompeii was buried by the ashes of a nearby volcano in 79AD.  Another ancient city plan I am fond of is the city of Knossos on Crete.  This bronze age city was the inspiration for the maze that the Minotaur lived in.I've been super busy listing items on Etsy and getting ready for the Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House in April, so be sure to check back often.

Pompeii Charcoal on Paper

Pompeii Detail

Pompeii Detail
Knossos Pencil on Paper

Pompeii 2 Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Pompeii 2 Detail

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