Apr 3, 2012

Google Art Project

This is an image of the Acropolis from the New Acropolis museum in Athens.  This image was taken from an exciting new Google product, Google Art Project.  They have gone around to major museums and taken pictures while the museum is closed.  You can take a tour of the museum step by step, zoom in and out.  You can also view simple images from their collections.  This museum sits a few blocks away from the famous hill and is angled to match the Parthenon.  The ground floor has windows in the floors in the floor where you can see archaeologists digging up finds from the foundation of the building.  I was so excited to hear about this and even more so that the Acropolis Museum was included.  When I visited Athens a few years ago the museum was not yet complete.  Now I can visit it, the MOMA in New York,Chicago, Amsterdam, and a whole bunch more any time I want.

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