Nov 1, 2015

50/50 Challange

I've decided to challenge myself by doing 50 pieces of artwork in 50 days.  Starting on November 1st and ending on December 20th, I will post a new piece of artwork here on my blog and on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Each piece will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop as well as on my website.  I will send out  updates through my newsletter periodically (I'm thinking every 10 days) but to get the first look at my pieces daily you will need to follow me here on my blog or social media.

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Some pieces will be small framed works, and others may be large oil paintings.  The majority of pieces will continue with my current work on women throughout history but I've also go a few other pieces planned. With each piece I will include some fun information such as what inspired me to do the piece, techniques I used, or what the process was. Have any ideas of your favorite ladies from the past you'd like to see me do? Share below.


  1. Go Bonnie! Go! I'm rooting for you!

  2. We are buying my 3rd piece from Bonnie! I love that hers are not JUST portraits or still life etc. I love that there's a story behind each one. One I can recognize. I spread the word about her work every where I can!
    Maybe one day we can even get her a showing here in Oregon!! ��