May 13, 2016

New Items! Women from History Postcards

Set of 6 Women Throughout History Postcards

This is a set of six wonderful little art print postcards featuring women throughout history.  The front has a high resolution image of artwork created by Bonnie Fillenwarth.  The back has a short description of the notable woman the upper left hand corner with plenty of room left for you write a wonderful message.    

They are 4 inches by 6 inches which means they will fit wonderfully in a small frame. It would be so lovely to have a small art print on your desk at work or home. They can even be used as unique thank you cards or even simply hung on your refrigerator.  They can also be sent through US mail as postcards, all you need is a stamp.

They were printed on sturdy 16pt card stock with high quality inks.  The front side with the image is glossy while the back side has a mat finish. Two of these cards are in horizontal format and four are vertical. 

This package comes with one print each of:

Gertrude Ederle - Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926. During her famous swim the water became very rough and her coach yelled at her to get out of the water.  She replied, "What for?"  Not only was she the first woman to swim across the English Channel, she also set the world record at the time for doing so beating the previous time by about two hours.  People at that time thought no woman would ever be able to swim across the English Channel, only five men has been able to do so before her. 

Hydna - Hydna was a woman who cut the mooring lines from the Persian ships at the Battle of Salamis in 480 B.C.  The Battle of Salamis is a naval battle that went along with the battle of Thermopylae (the 300).  That night, a storm came by and because the ships were no longer anchored, the Persians lost a great deal of their ships.  This helped the Greeks claim a victory and save their homes from a Persian invasion.

Hedy Lamarr - Not only was Hedy Lamarr an accomplished actress, she was also the co-inventor of a frequency hopping torpedo guidance system.  This technology is behind many of the devices we use today such as Wi-fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Ada Lovelace - Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer. Because of a divorce with her father Lord Byron, Ada's mother pushed her into learning about anything but poetry. She excelled in math. This piece is made up of the math formula which is considered the first computer program.

Empress Theodora - Theodora started off as an actress, a dancer, and well basically a high end prostitute. Eventually she bumped into Justinian I, who ended up changing the laws so he could marry this beautiful woman.  He made her co-regent which meant that they shared the throne. One day a riot broke out and Justinian was ready to leave town in hopes of exile instead of death.  At the docks Theodora put her royal foot down. She told Justinian and his crew that "purple makes a fine funeral shroud" and that she wasn't going anywhere.  Her speech convinced her hubby and crew to stay.  

Victoria Woodhull - Victoria Woodhull was many things. She owned a newspaper and she and her sister were the first women to become stockbrokers. What Victoria is most known for is being the first woman to run for president of the United States. This was years before women won the right to vote.

This set includes one of each of these wonderful ladies.  If you would like a different combination of six please let me know.

All six prints will safely ship to you in protective archival plastic bag inside of an envelope via USPS.

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