Jan 18, 2018

Book Recomendations

I got through quite a few books last year and they were fantastic.  I thought I would share them with you since it's the season for hibernating under blankets with a good book.

I am Malala 
Yes, the book covers the shooting and so much more.   She talks about how her parents met, her relationships with her brothers, the origins of her name, the struggles of her father's school, the arrival of the Taliban to the Swat valley, her secret writings for a British blog. I hope that one day she can return to the Swat valley that she so beautifully describes. 

My own Words 
While reading this book I was wishing I had gone into law.  I envy anyone who was lucky enough to have Ruth for a law professor.  This book goes over times in her life as well as many cases that she has been a part of.  

Founding Mothers

This book goes into all the women how had a hand in forming our county.  It is where I found that wonderful quote from Abigail Addams.  

Capital Dames

This book covers women around the time of the civil war; women like Mary Todd Lincoln, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, and Clara Barton.

Wonder Women

This is the book I am currently reading and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Not only is it super informative, its hilarious.  One of my favorite lines so far has been: "If you love science and equality but hate leprosy (and who doesn't?), Alice Ball is 100 percent your kind of gal." The author mentions serval times that the running theme in the book will be men taking credit for women's accomplishments, women underestimated, etc.  Which is infuriating, depressing, and all the other emotions.  However the stories are told in such a lighthearted manor that you want to go play with a chemistry set instead of just giving the evil eye to all the men in your life.

Many of these books I borrow from my local library with an app called Overdrive.  It allows you to check out e-books, audiobooks, and more.  I just watched a really good documentary on Dolley Madison the other day through it. I'll do another post soon about some other great media I consumed last year.

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