Jun 29, 2010

Indianapolis Island

I was so thrilled today to finally  have a day off to be able to go visit the new 100 Acres Art and Nature Pack down at the IMA.  I even took Amber with us since dogs are allowed.  We headed straight for Indianapolis Island.  We Looked for the Flag, Rang the bell, and hopped aboard for a tour.  Micheal said that Amber was the 3rd doggy to visit their Island.  Many of the kids have written messages to them and thrown them out on the lake in special containers that look like Indianapolis Island.

  Don't forget to bring something to trade Micheal or Jessica! I gave Micheal most of my lunch, I did not have mush else to trade except for a poop baggy. They are writing about their experiences on the island,  posting their messages sent to them, and pictures of their trades on their blog at http://www.imamuseum.org/island/

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