Mar 3, 2018

May Wright Sewall

May Wright Sewall

Similar to Victoria Woodhull, May Wright Sewall has several interesting
about her life

  • May both founded and taught a girl's school in Indianapolis.  She advocated for programs like physical education girls. In the time of corsets, she asked the young ladies to wear clothing better suited ofr physical activity.  

  • She belonged to and founded many clubs.  These ranged from the Indianapolis Women's Club to the Art Association of Indianapolis which later became the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

  • May was heavily involved in the Women's Suffrage Movement both in Indiana and nationally.  She held many positions at many organizations. Like many of the suffragists, she did not live to see the amendment become ratified.  She died about a month prior.

  • She lost both of her husbands to Tuberculosis. After the lost of her first husband she got into Spiritualism.  She believed that they communicated often after his death.

Sadly, no podcasts that I've seen for May.
Ray Boomhower has  written several books on her.
The Indianapolis Central Library has a collection of her letters
I also found this tour of the Propylaeum with a May Wright Sewall reenactor

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